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Dog Spa

Price List

*Prices are initial and varied. Each price can be differed depending on type, size and condition of the dog. 
To find out the correct price please contact us.

Bath and Dry 
For in between grooms. Keep your doggy smelling fresh!
Small £25
Toy dogs/Chihuahua, Jack Russell, French Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier.

Medium £30
Medium/Cocker Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, Springer Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Bath and Tidy
Perfect for low maintenance doggies, including nails cut
Small from £30

Medium from £35

Full Groom
Bath, blow dry, ears clean, nails cut, style the coat

Toy from £43

Small from £48

Medium from £53

Large from £58
Small from £38
Medium £43
Large £58

Hand Stripping

from £55

Puppy Groom
Under 6 month £25

Nail cut

Pricing: About

What’s included?

-Physical check – may detect lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, grass seeds, etc
-Bath – This includes two shampoos only using the best quality
shampoos on the market suitable for your dogs coat. 

-Dry – Your dog will be thoroughly dried off using blaster and/or pet
specific dryer. Special drying techniques will be used to enable a good
preparation of the dogs coat if scissoring or clipping is required. If your
dog is not happy with the dryer, I will use a happy hoody to muffle the
noise, and/or use a low setting on the dry as well as a fixed nozzle so I
have hands free to reassure your dog.

-Brush Out – A specialist brush or comb will be used on the coat to
thoroughly remove knots and remove surplus/dead hair.

-Styling (where applicable) – Using the best clippers and scissors on the
market, your dogs coat will be clipped and/or scissored, or handstripped
in the required style. This does not have to be breed standard, I am more
than happy to do as requested as long as it is not detrimental to the dog.

-Hygiene areas – removal of fur surrounding the anus and genitalia, and
armpits on both front and back legs.

-Nail – nails will be clipped as appropriate.

-Paw pads – The fur on the underneath of the paws will be clipped out
using trimmers specific for the job.

Grooming can take anything between 1 hour for a short haired breed (eg. staffie) to 3 hours for a
long haired breed or handstrip.
In addition to the above grooming aspects, your dog will receive my full attention whilst in my care
and will not be left unsupervised. It will NEVER be left unsupervised on the grooming table or in the
Most dogs also enjoy a fuss during grooming, and where possible I try to work around the dog in its
preferred position.

My priority is the dogs comfort. Force will not be used at any point. If I am unable to do any part of
the groom, I will discuss with you when you collect your dog.

Pricing: Text
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